About Us

There is an expression that goes “the first one through the wall always gets bloody”. Hometown Hero founded the Texas Hemp Business Council because they have always been willing to go first, get bloody and take a stand and it was obvious there was a serious need for a state-based organization that would advocate fearlessly for the interests of consumable hemp products supply chain, from farmer to finished goods. 

Hometown Hero has never advocated for policies that promote or benefit one segment of the industry over another or for regulations that create a stranglehold on the market; believing that the best way for business to flourish it to have a fair and open marketplace where competition will dictate what products consumers choose. THBC was founded on that principle.

As the organization grows, Hometown Hero looks forward to welcoming new members and toward a collaborative future where teamwork and unity are the mainstays of the association, and no segment of the hemp cannabinoid market gets sacrificed for the benefit of another.


To advance and secure the Texas hemp industry and stakeholders through engagement with policymakers via advocacy and education, ensuring a robust marketplace while prioritizing consumer protection.

Board of Directors

  • Cynthia Cabrera: Board Member, Founder

Cynthia’s leadership in the emerging industries, like hemp, brings valuable knowledge to the board of THBC and its members. Cynthia is Chief Strategy Officer for Hometown Hero. Previously serving as executive director for the vape industry’s largest trade group from 2012-2016, she also serves on the Board of the distinguished Hemp Industry Association (HIA), as well as the Hemp Association of Louisiana, and the Tennessee Growers Coalition. Cynthia manages all Hometown Hero lobbyists and lawyers including the legal teams actively defending lawsuits in Arkansas and Texas where she has won injunctions protecting the hemp industry in both states.

  • Curtis Chouteau: Board Member, Founder

Since 2016 Curtis has been an integral part of Hometown Hero, where he acquired expertise in roles ranging from sales and operations to legal and compliance, truly mastering the art of compliance. Most recently he has been working with Cynthia Cabrera assisting in her legal and legislative efforts. Curtis has a bachelor’s in business administration with a focus on project management from the University of St. Edwards in Austin, Texas. Born and raised in Texas, Curtis has a strong passion for protecting the cannabis industry in Texas and is an avid gardener with an interest in freeing plants to their full potential.