Policy Position

Policy Mission

Advocate for a regulatory framework that ensures consumer protection while supporting the hemp industry throughout the hemp supply chain.

Policy Position

In addition to HB1325 Statute and Current DSHS Rules:

  • Age Gating to 21+
    • Exemption for veterans and for parents giving hemp products to their children
  • Child Resistant Packaging
    • Exemption for beverages
  • Setbacks from Schools
    • No adult hemp product sales within 1,000 feet of schools; existing registered businesses would be grandfathered in.

THBC Does Not Support:

  • Bans
    • Bans do not work because they do not diminish demand; they just reroute supply to the black market. A thriving industry is the best defense against dangerous products and illicit markets.
  • Track and Trace systems
    • Tracking systems are used in states that have ‘legalized” federally illegal marijuana. Track and trace is not required for federally legal industries like hemp.
  • Individual Product Registrations
    • Product registrations do not ensure public safety but instead create more bureaucracy and red tape. It also creates a liability issue for states that approve products they did not test themselves. Random audits are a better solution.
  • Mg caps
    • Due to the vast spectrum of use cases for hemp-derived cannabinoid products, implementing milligram caps limits the usefulness for many consumers and increases costs for those consumers and businesses. There is no cap for alcohol.